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After negotiations with all bandmembers we made a decision to stop Artemesia project temporarily. I hope it will be temporarily.. And I really hope that it won't be forever.. Good luck to all, thank you for your attention..



So happy new year once again - in a new year! First of all the site news: i've uploaded the promised archives of our past years news and the archive of our past concerts + i've opened a subsection MEDIA & TABS in MUSIC section, where you can find the links to audio-video samples of our songs-videos and tabs of several songs. As for our band's creative plans: we've listened all that we've written and recorded last year and we decided to re-write and re-record most of the material. We thought that this what we already got is seems like a continuation of our previous record and we really don't want to repeat ourselves, we want to go on and grow - not to repeat past steps. It's a really painful but needful decision, our new album's release will be postponed but you can be sure - it worth it.



So all things with concert in Nemchinovka went pretty good - great thanx to all people who took part in it's organization. Site news: the gallery in band's section is online at last + the official forum of the band is online too, everyone who wants to discuss something - you're welcome. Soon the archives of past band news and past conserts will be restored too. And now we wish all of you happy new year - good luck to all of you! 



As you see the whole design of site has been changed. I made it to make navigation easier and because previous design was more-than-year-old.  You can write to the guestbook your opinions and suggestions. As for the band news: we plan to make a live gig in Nemchinovka with bands Everlost and Fragile Art (as we promised) + guest bands. We hope this time no bad things will happen - we keep our fingers crossed.



It's very pity to tell about such things but our band will not take part in concert on 7/11/04. The cause is - our drummer got a trauma of his hand. You know: the vocalist can sing without hands and legs (you can even cut them off), but drummer must keep both his hands and legs healthy. We all very sorry about such situation and we ask our fans to excuse us.



  • New interview wtih our band has been uploaded on www.rockmetalbands.com - the metal webzine from Italy.

  • Our nearest live gig will be 7.11.2004 in a small town near the Moscow city.


Several new reviews of "Apocryphal" album has appeared in the Net. You can read them on the following websites: www.metal-invader.com и www.metal-archives.com



  • Here are some news about our forthcoming live gigs. We will perform in Relax club on 11.09.04 and in R-club on 03.10.04.  

  • Our new video is uploaded on MusicInfection webportal. It's located in VIDEO section. 

  • The first review of our Apocryphal album in english is uploaded on www.rockmetalbands.com. Direct link to text is here. Great thanx to Marco! Italy - forever!

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