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Evgeny "Morgoth" Gradov


Sergey "Meyson" Mosendz


Alexandr "Brutal" Abramenko


Sergey "Forest Elf" Kayumov


Pavel "Klim" Klimkin


Tatiana "Aix" Kurilovich





The band Artemesia was formed in 1998 at the small town near the Moscow called Dzerzhinsky. This band plays melodic death metal, representing the mix of melodic motives of doom metal and aggressive riffs of death metal. Here is the history of the band. In the beginning, musicians of future Artemesia played separately: Alexey Rogov (bass) with Asad Yusufov (guitar) and Sergey Mosendz (guitar) with Pavel Klimkin (drums). At the end of September 1998 musicians met each other and decided to create the band together. First rehearsals took place at home of Sergey Mosendz, then Artemesia moved to special rehearsal room at "Energetik" Culture Palace. The first performance was on 31 of October 1998.The band has formed it's music style during first half of a year. The first songs sounded rather like thrash metal than death metal. But under influence of such bands like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, music style of the band has changed to melodic death. In April, 1999, band thought up the name to itself Artemesia. In summer 1999 band has changed the rehearsal base, and mived to "Vertical" Culture Palace.


At the end of May, 2000 a new participant Roman Bazovkin has appeared in band, which was taken on a post of the vocalist and became the co-author of some new songs. Alexey Elensky was taken as keyboards player. During 2000 Artemesiа actively performed in such clubs as: "U2", "R-club", "Sputnick" and "Petrovskoye" where the band has taken 2-nd place on festival of student's creativity "Festos-2000".In first half of 2001 the first promo-record was completed, it was entitled "The World Of Black Colors". It includes five songs and two instrumetals. One of songs was included in the metal compilation of the Russian metal bands: "Hellfire - 4". Practically all year the band was in a fever with changes of lineup. Roman Bazovkin left the band, the new vocalist was taken, on strange concurrence Roman too, who sung only on one concert 22.04.01, then he has left the band too. In the beginning of May 2001 place at a microphone was occupied with Evgeny "Morgoth" Gradov. In the summer because of problems with study the keyboards player leaves the band. However the fever with musicians was not finished by it and an in autumn of 2001 Asad Yusufov left the band. After consideration of possible nominees, Michael Ponomarev (ex-"Obereg", ex-"Cruel Suffering") was taken on the place of guitarist.


7 April, 2002 the first concert in another city. The band has taken part in annual metal-festival "Death Panorama" in capital of western Ural, city of Perm. In May, 2002 the promo-single "Sorrow's Reflection" was recorded, as trial record with new sound engineer. The band was pleased with results of work, then came the decision to record an album entirely, instead of expectation that any metal label will pay record. In autumn of 2002 the recording sessions were finished, and album was entitled "Apocryphal". The band begun it's quest for the label. The material has turned out rather ambiguous: 10 compositions in melodic-death-doom style, representing heavy and gloomy, but melodious songs with thoughtful - psychodelic instrumentals in which sounding influence of early creativity of such bands as Dark Tranquillity, Dismember and Hypocrisy is appreciable. In October, 2002, practically right after performances in city of Tula, the group was left by Michael "Alsou" Ponomarev, it is necessary to note, that as against a similar situation with the previous guitarist, there were no personal complications with Michael, there were only creative disagreements, therefore Michael has created the band named RE-V.O.L.T., playing spiteful and brutal angry-metal. Alexander Abramenko became the new guitarist, earlier he played in several death-grind bands and at present he have his own band under ominous name Suicide In Excrements. In April, 2003, after the next concerts in city of Podolsk and in city of Yaroslavl, Alexey Rogov (one of the founders of the band) left the band, the reasons were the same: creative disagreements. Alexey has organized the new band which is yet not having the names, but their style is already formed thrash-death-doom. Sergey Kayumov, quiet well known in Moscow music circles (ex-"Shadow Host", "Elven Crown") bacame a new bass player. In May 2003 the band signed the areement with the one of leading russian metal-lables: CD-Maximum, so the album was released in June 2003. The band also recorded a live video for the track "Reflection Of Sorrow" which is included in CD as the computer media track. In the September 2003 Tatiana Aix joined the band as the keyboard-player. She became the first woman in lineup since the beginning of band history! For this moment the band lineup looks like the following: Evgeny "Morgoth" Gradov (vocals), Sergey "Meyson" Mosendz (guitar), Alexander Abramenko (guitar), Sergey Kayumov (bass), Pavel "Klim" Klimkin (drums), Tatiana Aix (keyboards). The band has a lot of gigs in Moscow rock-clubs, and at the same time band's working on material for the upcoming new album with worktitle "Deadfall".



Photosession, June 2003






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